A special kind of summit meeting

True luxury lies in turning your gaze inwards from time to time. To pause and take in moments so consciously that they become memories that linger for a long time. Travel offers the perfect opportunity for this.

"Mystic Journey", the new natural care line from Soeder x CERVO Mountain Resort, packs this philosophy into a unique fragrance. The collection consists of a total of four products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Soap and Body Lotion. Their sensual aromas reflect a journey from the medina in Marrakech to the mystical mountains of Zermatt.

This journey is as far as it is adventurous. It opens with a tangy bergamot and citrus blend and a calming embrace of Moroccan chamomile - a little reminder of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech's lively markets. Intense jasmine aromas are added, followed by earthy cedar, Cyprus grass and incense. Finally, a base note of warm vanilla exudes a wonderful serenity reminiscent of the majestic peaks around Zermatt.

Like all Soeder products, the "Mystic Journey" line is produced in the company's own soap factory in Schwerzenbach ZH. All ingredients are of 100 percent natural origin. The fragrances are extracted from the highest quality essential oils. There are no artificial additives; instead, ingredients such as cold-pressed organic oils, wheat protein, Swiss honey and shea butter provide gentle care in harmony with nature.

Since 2009, the CERVO Mountain Resort has been the meeting place for travelers and explorers in the center of Zermatt, surrounded by the majestic and wild beauty of the Swiss Alps. It is a meeting place where enjoyment, relaxation and inspiration take center stage. Ecological and social responsibility are central principles.

In addition to collaboration, CERVO and Soeder are linked by shared values and a vision of sustainability, regionality and openness to the world. 

"Mystic Journey" is now available in all Soeder stores, via, in selected partner stores and at CERVO Mountain Resort. Of course, you will also find "Mystic Journey" in all rooms and in the spa area.