Soeder stands for high-quality Swiss natural care products. We strive to improve the world of natural care with complete transparency. That's why we use only the highest quality ingredients, all of which are 100% of natural origin, and produce all our products in our own state-of-the-art soap factory in Zurich. What's more, our bottles are refillable
to minimize environmental impact.

  • True Swiss

    At the heart of all our efforts is a commitment to the highest Swiss standards of quality and design: our products are at the cutting edge and yet timeless. The entire production is in our hands and takes place in our own factory in Zurich: this means we always retain control over supply chains, manufacturing processes, emissions and ingredients.

  • True Natural

    We act with complete transparency and create products that have both the human body and the planet in mind. We carefully select the suppliers and producers we work with. All ingredients are 100% natural in origin. We do not need any synthetic additives for our products - instead, they contain the purest ingredients such as Swiss honey, wheat proteins and cold-pressed organic oils.

  • True Circular

    Our refill network is a true closed-loop model and consists of over 130 refill stations. Our glass bottles are designed for a correspondingly long service life. We also make bottles from locally recycled plastic (PCR) to ensure a low carbon footprint. When your Soeder bottle is empty, you can refill it as often as you like - that's true sustainability!

  • True Performance

    Our natural skincare is not only important for our skin. It is our largest organ and therefore an important link to our inner well-being. Because your health is important to us, we rely on a variety of effective and safe ingredients. In doing so, we are creating a new standard of skincare that helps you do good for yourself while contributing to the wellbeing of our planet.

About us

Hello! We are Hanna and Johan and some like-minded people. We founded Soeder in 2013 in Zurich. In the beginning we sold goods for daily use. After some detours, we finally laid the foundation for what we do today in 2015 and made our first soap. We didn't have a sophisticated business plan for it. Rather, we were searching for such a product ourselves and found none that satisfied us. We simply followed our instincts.

Our History