We have worked with Julian Zigerli before: You may remember how we cooked up a very special personal lubricant in 2018. We are now delighted to present a new joint product, our Soeder x Julian Zigerli Bar Soap, which is special in two respects.

The rounded soap bars with Zigerli's signature smiley grin broadly and colorfully! There are also two new fragrances: "Lucky Silver Sage" gives you a fresh kick with sage, lavender, lemon and silver fir, while in "Happy Yellow Mandarin" a citrus blend of yellow mandarin and bergamot meets the spiciness of juniper and ginger as well as the earthy essence of turmeric and the sweetness of petitgrain.

"It was important to me that the soap becomes a beautiful object that entertains and makes you happy during the act of soaping," says Julian. We are happy to agree!

With our new block soap production facility, we can also add sensitive ingredients such as essential oils at the end. The result: a longer-lasting, more intense fragrance. Of course, the soaps are still vegan, palm oil-free, biodegradable and 100% natural. We are sure you will love them!

The Soeder x Julian Zigerli Bar Soap is now available online, in our stores and the Julian Zigerli flagship store.