Well, we don't recommend you grab each other's hands these days, but we do recommend you wash them thoroughly. When on the go, this is not always possible, hence the need for a hand sanitizer.

In these days, as many of us use hand sanitizers on a daily basis, we feel the need to give the hands some extra care. Our hand sanitizer includes aloe vera, glycerin which treat the skin while the ethanol and lye are doing their job sanitizing.

Supplying all from public spaces to single customers, we have decided to go for multiple sizes. The small bottle for tucking in your purse on the go. A midsize for the small household and a bigger one for the office. It's also available in bigger refill canisters.


Our hand sanitizer includes the following key ingredients:

Ethanol – Plantbased
70% ethanol by volume. Works antibacterial and affects viruses with a shell made out of fats, like the corona virus.

Aloe Vera – Plant juice 
For aftercare.

Glycerine – Organic and palm free
It protects the lipid layer and works moisturizing.

Lye – Metal hydroxide
All-natural soap science. It increases the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer with its antibacterial properties.

Herbal Essential oils
Added for a pleasant scent, it also works antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

March 19, 2020 by Johan Olzon
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