Aloha - Aloe hand sanitizer for healthy hellos

Well, we don't recommend you grab each other's hands these days, but we do recommend you wash them thoroughly. When on the go, this is not always possible, hence the need for a hand sanitizer.

In these days, as many of us use hand sanitizers on a daily basis, we feel the need to give the hands some extra care. Our hand sanitizer includes aloe vera, glycerin which treat the skin while the ethanol and lye are doing their job sanitizing.
Long in the pipeline, now we are finally ready, production starts this week.

Corona Crisis - Stores closed in Switzerland

Dear friends,

Hard and strange times are here. Switzerland in lockdown with closed stores and public venues. We are in contact with the administrative offices and will keep you updated if anything changes.

We are still doing our best to fulfill your soap needs at the factory and you can still buy in our online store.

We hope to meet you in person soon again, but until then we are available for you on and

March 17, 2020 by Alice Zurbuchen

Our Natural Soap is naturally antibacterial

Since the beginning of production at the Soeder Soap Factory in 2015, our star has been our natural soap. This because of its natural components, its nourishing powers, and sensual scents. But there is more to the soap than just being our everyday natural luxury. Our soap, as a true soap, is also antibacterial. 

Many of us consider the washing of hands these days to be essential.
It is such an easy way to stay healthy and prevent the spreading of germs, but not all products we use are helping as effective.

The history of soap is tightly intertwined with its antibacterial capacities and the saving of lives in times of disease. The antibacterial component being lye, which is used in the production of true soap.

Most wash gels and "soaps" found on store shelves today are made out of synthetic surfactants, which might not be antibacterial.

The Soeder Natural Soap is a true natural soap and made with lye. The lye makes the product naturally antibacterial. Your hands (and body) don't just get clean and nourished by this product but are also cleaned antibacterial with every use.

We hope you all stay healthy and are happy to answer your questions on natural care!

March 04, 2020 by Alice Zurbuchen


December 19, 2019 by Manu Meyer
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Neue Namen für neue Ziele

July 01, 2019 by Manu Meyer


Eröffnung der Ausstellung EAU DE FORÊT

Dienstag, 11.6.2019, 19-22h, Drinks & DJ Agent Disko
Soeder, Schützenmattstrasse 11, 4051 Basel

June 05, 2019 by Manu Meyer


Introduction to natural cosmetics by our recipe maker Johan Olzon. Followed by a Q&A – ask him all you ever wanted to know about cosmetic products. 

Unser Produkteentwickler Johan spricht über Naturkosmetik generell und über unsere eigene Produktion. Anschliessend offene Fragerunde.

March 06, 2019 by Manu Meyer


Vor drei Jahren in Zürich gestartet, macht sich das kleine Schweizer Unternehmen Soeder Seifen eigenständig auf den Weg, die Kosmetikindustrie zu revolutionieren. Denn obwohl die in herkömmlicher Kosmetik verwendeten Inhaltsstoffe selbstverständlich immer legal sind, sind diese dennoch oft schädlich, so Managing Director Johan Olzon. Auf Soeders erstes Produkt, die Naturseife, folgten schnell weitere Produktentwicklungen, von Shampoo über Bodylotion bis hin zu – ja, ihr habt richtig gelesen! – Naturgleitgel. Im Interview erklärt uns Olzon, was das Ganze eigentlich soll – und welche weiteren Innovationen noch folgen sollen.
February 28, 2019 by Manu Meyer

1.12. «PASTA» Kochbuch Vernissage — inklusive Workshop & Essen

«PASTA» Kochbuch-Vernissage inkl. Workshop & Essen! 

Köchin und Autorin Anna Pearson («zu Tisch.» und «PASTA») zeigt in einem Blitzkurs, wie man von Hand Pasta macht. Nach einer kurzen theoretischen Einführung demonstriert Anna, wie verschiedene Sorten geformt werden. Jede/r Teilnehmer*in bekommt eine Portion Hartweizenpastateig und verarbeitet diese zu Gnocchi Sardi, Cavatelli oder Orecchiette. Nach dem Workshop wird die hergestellte Pasta von Anna gekocht und zum Zmittag serviert. Mmmmmmmh!! 

November 12, 2018 by Manu Meyer